(TX) Spaceland Transitions–Side Slides and Burble Hops

2/3/2018 to 2/4/2018

Event Name Spaceland Transitions: Side Slides and Burble Hops
Start Date 2/3/2018
End Date 2/4/2018
Drop Zone Skydive Spaceland Houston
City, State Rosharon, Texas
Details By now you probably know that being closely above another skydiver in freefall can be a bad thing. That low-pressure area above a freefalling person (or object) is called a burble, and if you get in it, the reduced air resistance lets you fall faster and onto the person below you, with sometimes funny but potentially dangerous results.

However, a burble can actually be a fun place to play (briefly!) if you know how. And when you know how, you also know how to get out of it in a bad situation, which is a very good thing. So let's play with burbles! This weekend's Transitions focus is on burble hops--safely flying over and under other jumpers to trade places in the sky.

Prerequisite for this challenge is the ability to sideslide and stop; if you need to work on this first, we're thrilled to teach you the way! :)
Name Val Marvin
Phone 281-369-3337
Email manifesthou@skydivespaceland.com