(TX) Big-Ways Camp with Raúl Quiñones

8/12/2017 to 8/13/2017

Event Name Big-Ways Camp with Raúl Quiñones
Start Date 8/12/2017
End Date 8/13/2017
Drop Zone Skydive Spaceland Houston
City, State Rosharon, Texas
Details Skydiving relative work, or skydiving in groups with others, continues to evolve quickly thanks to worldwide interest and study. Top big-way organizers continually study and refine techniques for perfecting body flight, improving our situational awareness, and flying more efficiently together so we can complete formations quickly and safely. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a 10-way or a 100-way, or flying on your belly or head—the essentials of good formation skydiving are the same, and knowing them sets you up for success in all of your group skydives. You’ll use these skills throughout your skydiving career, so let’s learn them well and build a good foundation!

In this camp, you will learn the specific tasks you need to do to get to the formation quickly, help it fly well and transition to more points, break off safely, and fly safely with larger groups under canopy for safe ends to good skydives. Whether you have 100 jumps or 10,000, you will learn new information about big-ways and get the chance to practice all the different slots in a low-pressure, highly coached environment. And you will learn all of this with our very own Raúl Quiñones, who has participated in and organized numerous state, national, and world record large-formation skydives in North and South America.

This event starts with a theoretical discussion in the classroom with extensive visuals to learn proper techniques for larger formations, and continues with jumping so you can practice what you’ve learned in the classroom.

There are 20 slots available, and you will jump in groups of no more than 10 (groups may be combined at the end of the event).
Name Samantha Lombardo
Phone 281-369-3337
Email sam@skydivespaceland.com