FAA Interpretations

Formation Flight
In 1992, USPA succeeded in gaining a letter from the office of FAA’s Chief Counsel which reversed a previous finding that skydiving aircraft could not fly in formation when dropping jumpers. As a result, FAA policy is that jump pilots can fly in formation without violating Section 91.111(c) that prohibits formation flights when carrying passengers for hire.

Download a copy of the letter.

Regulatory Status
In 1993, the FAA issued a combined bulletin that clarified that jump planes can carry a number of skydivers that may exceed the number of seats or passengers than that stated by the aircraft’s type design certificate, as long as weight and balance limits are observed. Though the bulletins carry an expiration date, technically the information does not expire and has been incorporated within FAA policy. These bulletins were FSAW 93-09 (Flight Standards Information Bulletin for Airworthiness) and FSGA 93-02 (Flight Standards Information Bulletin for General Aviation).

Download bulletin for Airworthiness and General Aviation.